Qrtos Creations
Κιούρτος: ειδικό αλιευτικό καλάθι [αρχ. κύρτος (χωρίς τη συνηθισμένη τροπή του)]
Handmade - Painting - Restoration
Qrtos or κιούρτος, pronounced 'kiourtos', is a fish basket used for catching fish.

Vibrant home decor with a personal feel

Qrtos creations is the project of Andreas S. a fishing enthusiast, thus the name, and a lover of handmade, painting and restoration.

Started as a hobby, combining his passion of working with his hands and electronics, slowly developed into Qrtos Creations. Every single item is handcrafted with great care of detail in his small workshop. When possible the wood that is used is upcycled for smaller environmental impact.

The uniqueness of the items is that all are hand painted with themes that are inspired from everyday life, a photo, a song, a movie, a vintage poster... resulting in uncommon, vibrant, distinctive pieces that add identity to any space.

On the site are displayed all the items that are made from Qrtos Creations from the beginning. To see what is immediately available please visit our two eshops or contact us !

If you have a theme close to your heart please let us know we are happy to take on commissions!

Thank you for stopping by!

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